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Working prototypes and some fun projects we've done to give you an idea of how YOUR project may look.


3D Printed, App controlled Robotic Spider.

Working Cortical Stack replica from Netflix Altered Carbon series.

Over-Sized Foam Dice. These were Created for a "Live" Version of the Board Game "Secret Code 13+4" , Which Also Substitutes The Game Pawns With Real People. Pictured with Original Game For Size Reference.

T-45 Power Armor Helmet Replica (Including Working Headlamp) from Fallout Video Game Franchise. Files Designed by Daniel Lillygreen.

Radioactive Ducky created for Maker Faire Lafayette.

Shadowrun Inspired Dice

Clear Urethane Gaming Dice with Aesthetic Circuit Board Pieces Cast Inside. Perfect for Playing Shadowrun Missions!

Soap Casting

Glycerin Soap Prototype Casting Made with Pantone-Matched Tinted Clear Urethane.

Halloween Ghost & Game Tokens

Glow-In-The-Dark Castings. We can create parts using Glow-in-the-dark materials to add that special effect your design may need. The Ghost file was created by Phil Neilens.

Explosive Cosmetics

Explosive Cosmetics. 'Cause You're the Bomb.

Sea Castings

Glass-Like Sea Life Castings.

PLA Nuka Cola Gun

PLA Parts for Fallout 4 Nuka Cola Prop Gun. Designer: Daniel Lilygreen.

Steampunk Dice

Cast Steampunk Dice. Small Gears and Watch Mechanisms Are Suspended Inside.

Granite Finish Castings

Granite-Simulated Replica Casting of Ancient Mayan Stone Carving. Original Files Courtesy of Scan the World Project from MyMiniFactory.

Tiki Castings

Tiki Carvings, Cast in a Variety of Finishes. Designer: Richard Swika

Molded Tires

WWII Scraper Model Wheels, Machined by Ray. Tires Cast in Flex Urethane.

PLA Scorpion

Fully-Articulated Scorpion Printed with Standard PLA. Claws Grasp, Arms Move and Tail Bends. Printed As Is In One Piece, No Assembly Required. Designer: Murray Clark [muzz64]

PLA Sample Jar Prints

Standard PLA Printed Mini Jars.

SLA and PLA Prints

SLA and PLA Models

Fractal Bowls

Fractal Bowl. SLA on the Left, Casting with Bronze Finish on Right. Designer: 40_West Designers [aeron203]

Clear Logo Pucks

Clear, High-Impact Resistant Urethane. Perfect for casting lenses and other clear parts.

***Keywords: rapid prototyping, 3D printing services, cast urethane

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