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  • Short Run Production Available (Generally 10-100 parts)

  • Rigid Urethane Parts- Available in all Colors or Clear
  • Flexible Urethane or Silicone Rubber parts- Available in all Colors or Clear
  • Pantone Color-Matched Parts
  • Metallic Finishes
  • Variety of Finishes Available from Smooth High-Gloss, to Satin, Matte, or Heavily Textured
  • Clear or Tinted parts, in Rigid or Flexible Durometers
  • High Heat & High Impact Applications
  • Flame retardant for UL Codes/Ratings
  • Food Grade Applications
  • Rubber Overmolded Parts: Rubber over Urethane/Urethane bonded to Metal
  • Can Embed Tools, Washers, Screens, Threads, Electrical Contacts, Magnets, etc. into Cast Urethane.
  • Cast Foam Urethane in a Range of Densities.
High End Explosive

High-End Explosive.

Silicone Castings

Silicone Castings in Pantone colors. Wall thickness of .029, and excellent tear strength. (Note: Pantone chips did NOT photograph in true colors!)

Magnifying Glass Casting

Magnifying Lens Casting. Water-clear, impact-resistant, non-yellowing urethane...perfect for quality lenses.

Embedded Hardware

Castings with Embedded Hardware.

Pantone Color-Matched Urethane

Pantone Color-Matched Urethane Casting.

Flex Urethane

Flex Urethane Batarangs!

Flex Urethane Grommets

Flex Urethane Grommets

Foam Urethane

Foam Urethane Casting, Available in a Range of Densities. Fuse & Bullet in Flex Urethane.

Tinted clear urethane gaming dice with circuit board pieces cast inside.

Clear urethane sea creatures.

Granite-simulated castings.

Brushed Metal Finishes

Brushed Metal Finishes in Bronze, Copper, Aluminum and Iron.

Tires for WWII Scraper model cast in 65 Durometer Shore A Flex Urethane.

SLA on left. Casting made with Bronze Powder (unpolished) on right.

Metal-Finish Castings

Urethane castings with metal finishes. Great alternative to machining.

Halloween Ghost & Game Tokens

Glow-In-The-Dark Castings. We can create parts using Glow-in-the-dark materials to add that special effect your design may need. The Ghost file was created by Phil Neilens.

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