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Putting the finishing touches on your prototype model or rapid prototype part is what makes it real.

Paint, clearcoat, graphics–now your idea is ready to meet the world.

  • Sanding / Sandblasting

  • Primer

  • Pantone color-matched Paint

  • Clear-coat

  • Graphics

  • Fully assembled and working Appearance Models

  • Added/Embedded components: magnets, keypads, tools, lenses, Velcro, battery compartments, electronics assemblies, actual consumer product and more.

Robotic Spider/Hexapod

3D printed Robotic spider, controlled by a phone app. Design by Musa Wilmar.

Cosmetics Prototype

Cosmetic Eyeshadow Compact

Radioactive Ducky. Created for Maker Faire Lafayette. Files designed by 3D Printer OS

T-45 Helmet Made For Maker Showcase, Inspired By Bethesda's Fallout Video Game Franchise. All Files Created by Daniel Lilygreen.

Side View of Reproduction T-45 Power Armor Helmet From Fallout Video Game Franchise with Some Weathering Added. It Includes Fabricated Ventilation System, Custom Tinted Visor, Rivets and Working Headlamp.

Fusion Core

Fusion Core

Flexible Foam

Over-Sized Flexible Foam Dice, Pictured with the Original Game Dice They Are Replicas of. Foam Urethane Can be Cast in a Variety of Densities and Finished with Flexible Paint and Other Details.

Cortical Stack replica from Netflix Altered Carbon series.

Original Design For Base of Aquaman-Style Trident

Trident Design Used for Aquaman Movi

Aquaman Trident. Printed from standard PLA and finished. STL files designed by Marco Antonio.

Printed from standard PLA, then sanded, primed and clearcoated to be used for molding master.

Machined by Ray. Tires molded and cast in flex urethane, wheels painted olive drab.

Pantone Color-Matching

Pantone Color-Matching Available for all Painted Surfaces and Graphics.

****All finishing services are available for all our rapid prototyping services.  Please contact us for more information. 

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