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Fused Deposition Modeling or FDM printing is a 3D printing process that builds parts layer by layer from the bottom up by heating thermoplastic filament.  The 3D printer heats the thermoplastic to a semi-liquid state and deposits it in fine beads along the extrusion path.  Where support or buffering is needed, the printer deposits a removable material that acts as scaffolding. Resolution and side wall definition can be adjusted by selecting either the standard extrusion nozzle diameter or a fine nozzle.  Using the fine (smaller diameter) nozzle does increase build time, but provides better build resolution.

FDM printing provides a wider range of materials than SLA.



Materials that can be used are:




CF-PLA [Carbon Fiber Infused]

PETG [Tough]

Tech-G PETG [FDA Approved Food-Grade Filament]

HTPLA [High Temperature]

PLA/PHA [Strong Biodegradable]

TPU [Thermoplastic Polyurethane--Flexible]



Metal finishes-Brass, Copper, Bronze, Stainless Steel

Magnetic Iron

Electrically Conductive PLA

More materials available upon request.


3D Printing is a more cost effective option for applications that don’t require extreme tolerances.  Our printers can print at 50-100 microns.

Examples of FDM printing:

(Parts have had any necessary supports removed, but no other clean up.)


Standard PLA, left to right: white, grey, clear, orange, red, black, silver, copper, brass.

More colors available. 

Container with Seal

Flexible PLA Seal and Airtight Container. Seal is about 90A in Durometer.

Conductive PLA

Conductive PLA

Stainless Steel PLA

Stainless Steel PLA

Standard PLA T-45 Helmet

Standard PLA Used to Fabricate T-45 Power Armor Helmet Project. Some Assembly Required...

Iron PLA is Rustable and Magnetic

Iron PLA is Both Magnetic And Rustable.

Fully articulated scorpion. Claws can grasp, arms and legs all move, and joints in tail. Printed as is, in standard PLA. Untouched and no assembly was required. Designer Murray Clark [muzz64]

Iron PLA Filament

Iron PLA filament. Magnetic and Rustable.

Standard PLA

Standard PLA prints fine details.

Fallout 4 Nuka Cola Prop gun. Pieces placed together, unsanded. Made with standard PLA. Designer: Daniel Lilygreen.

Natural and Black standard PLA.

Fully working adjustable wrench. Printed as is, no assembly required.

Mini Tiki carving. Standard PLA

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