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Maker Showcase In Lafayette

We were thrilled to have the opportunity last week to take part in the Maker Showcase hosted by The MatchBOX in Lafayette, IN! The Matchbox Coworking Studio supports local and regional makers, DIYers and artisans of all types to showcase their work and skills, and discuss their projects with others.

For anyone unfamiliar with The Matchbox, this Coworking studio is an innovator's dream come true! There isn't an inch of this place that doesn't inspire. Check it out, the design is stunning, and the pictures barely do it justice.

We worked hard on a fun project to showcase for the event, and to have the opportunity to chat with other makers about Additive Manufacturing. We were cutting it close, but got something presentable just in time to pack up and head over there.

Our T-45 Power Armor Helmet replica from the Fallout video game universe can still use some post-apocalyptic weathering, but we'll have to save that for another day.

Thanks to everyone at Matchbox Studios and Wulfgar Weapons and Props for making it happen!

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