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Quality Custom Rapid Prototypes...and so much more.

What we do...

We take your idea and turn it into a precision rapid prototype model.

We can then take your 3D model and turn it into the prototype model you really want.  

Lines are removed, edges smoothed, parts can be assembled.

It can be molded and cast into flexible urethane, clear silicone, Pantone color-matched urethane, metallic finishes or a combination of materials. We can insert objects and cast around them.

We can add lenses, battery compartments, lights, keypads, rubber overmold--your imagination is the limit.  We can paint your model to your exact specifications, with a variety of colors and finishes, and even add graphics.

You designed it. We'll make it reality.

  3D Printing
3D Printed Parts Additive Manufacturing
  Molding & Casting  
Finishing Printed Parts Painting
NYXperimental LLC | Middletown, IN | [E] | [P] 1.765.684.7077
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